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Walt Disney World - September 2017 Trip Report

I managed to scroll back through our Facebook page far enough to find the posts from our Disney World visit last year. I love looking over photos from past trips and marvelling at how fast the kids have grown and how much fun we shared in our favourite place. It has me missing Disney just a little more than usual today.

I have compiled all the posts from that trip here in this post to make them easier for both you and me to find at a later date. You'll need to click on the Facebook icon on each post to open it in Facebook in order to view the photo series and read the captions for each photo. I know that's not the ideal way to look at them but clearly I'm never going to get to write a regular old trip report, it's only taken me 11 months to put this together.

This visit to Walt Disney World saw us stay at three different resorts. On our arrival we hit Art of Animation for a quick one night stay. We knew the kids would prefer this to the airport and it meant LJ got to swim in what were his favourite pools. My parents joined us for this leg of the trip, so we moved over to the BoardWalk Villas (booked through the DVC Rental Store) into a very roomy 2-bedroom villa. I realised on this trip that being in the Epcot Resort area is quite possibly now my favourite location, which is a big call if you know me because the Polynesian Village has always been a steady number one. When my parents moved on we hopped across the lagoon to the Yacht Club for a few nights, where we spent some quieter time enjoying what is now LJ's favourite pool on property - Stormalong Bay.

In terms of tickets, I purchased an annual pass for myself for this trip in order to be eligible for the Tables in Wonderland card, which secured us 20% off most of our meals (and drinks) at table service restaurants and some select quick service locations. The rest of the family had park hoppers. Being close to Epcot and Hollywood Studios makes the Park Hopper add-on more appealing because it's only a 10 minute walk to the park as opposed to a walk to the bus stop, bus ride, walk to the park.

I attended 2 Halloween Parties, one with my Mum in the middle of the trip and one with LJ on our last night. My Mum wanted to experience the party but I wasn't keen to keep LJ up late in the middle of the trip and my Mum had already left by our final night, so I went twice! They were two very different experiences. My Mum was mostly interested in the special Halloween events like the parade and fireworks and LJ was all about the trick or treating and riding attractions. LJ to this day still proudly speaks of the time he stayed up until 1 o'clock - the after midnight one!

I hope you enjoy reminiscing on our trip like I have and perhaps pick up a tip or two to help with your planning.

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