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Disney Cruise Line - Disney Dream - September 2017 Trip Report

​We were so excited when we discovered that the Disney Dream repositioning cruise from Vancouver to San Diego fell within our planned travel dates and only required a minor tweaking of our itinerary to fit into our trip.

Jim isn't the biggest fan of cruising and ML wasn't old enough for the kid's club yet, so we didn't want a 7-night cruise but I didn't want to repeat the Bahamian itinerary again. This ended up being a perfect compromise. The cruise was four nights long, started in Vancouver, had a port of call in Victoria, British Columbia and then two sea days before finishing up in San Diego. The best thing about this itinerary was that it saved us a flight from Vancouver into the USA, so our cruise fare seemed like even more of a bargain!

We love Disney Cruises (maybe not Jim but that's more cruising in general than the Disney cruise), our next one is booked from San Diego for 2019 and I'm already counting down the days. There's minimal preparation (especially in comparison to a Disney World visit), loads of entertainment for everyone and no need to really follow much of a schedule if you don't want. LJ loves the kid's club so much I was told that 9pm was too early to collect him and that I needed to come back at 10pm! Of course, that didn't happen considering he was only 4 at the time but I admire his efforts at negotiation.

Here's a recap of our time aboard the Disney Dream in the form of our Facebook posts that were posted during and just after the cruise (Internet access on the ship is rather expensive, so we like to take advantage of that to unplug a little and just enjoy the moment). I know this post is really late, given it's now been nine months since our trip but better late than never! Plus I'm enjoying reliving all the magic as I look back over the posts.

N.B. You'll need to click on the Facebook icon on each post to open it in Facebook in order to view the photo series and read the captions for each photo. The purpose of these posts is to provide an easy way to locate these posts in our Facebook feed, so whilst not perfect it achieves this goal.

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