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Discount Disneyland Tickets

The 10-Day Disneyland tickets we sell, which are only available in the Australian and NZ market, are far and away the best value you can get for an extended stay in Anaheim or the Disneyland Resort.

Sometimes however, a number of factors mean that people can't (or maybe even don't want to) dedicate a week to visiting the Disneyland Resort. In these cases people approach us looking for a shorter length of ticket and unfortunately, unless my wholesaler has a special deal on offer I find it near impossible to beat Disney's prices direct.

Until now, I have directed these people to purchase their tickets from Disneyland's website direct but I'm excited to say I have an even better option! Our favourite discount ticket reseller for Walt Disney World tickets, Undercover Tourist, now has DISNEYLAND tickets for sale as well! That means I can finally recommend somewhere for discounted 2-5 day Disneyland tickets.

Why use these guys over someone like Expedia? Firstly, they provide you with an e-ticket, so no need to hit the ticket window before entering the park. Secondly, your voucher isn't locked to a specific date, instead it has a final expiry date you need to have used it by. This makes for a much more flexible purchase and both are reasons we would have recommended going direct through Disney for a purchase in the past.

We suggest setting up an account for the website before making your purchase, as sometimes Undercover Tourist will request you send them a copy of your ID to confirm your credit card actually belongs to you. This is them legitimately completing a security check, so there's no need to be alarmed. We use this company for all our Disney World tickets and have had no dramas. 

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