Walt Disney World Services
If you're overwhelmed with planning your Disney World trip, Kenny the Pirate's Character Locator is a fantastic resource! The small amount you pay for a 12 month subscription is the best investment you can make when planning a Disney World holiday.
Kenny includes a crowd calendar, sample touring plans (that you can cutomise), thorough information on every attraction and show, menus, the most accurate character meet schedules going around and much more. You won't regret this purchase.

Accidents can and do happen when you least expect them to, so if you're planning on travelling outside of Australia travel insurance is a 'must purchase' item in our opinion. Cover-More is one of Australia's best travel companions because when things happen they'll keep you travelling (and we can speak from experience). Lots of people ask us if they will be ok relying on their free credit card cover. While we can't say for sure in your personal situation (you'll need to read the PDS of each policy to make a true comparison), we can say that we never have. We've always purchased our travel insurance with Cover-More! As they always say... "If you can afford to travel you can afford travel insurance" - don't be caught out, factor this into your budget.
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Disney World is a huge place and little people that are used to walking a lot will get surprisingly tired with the distance they have to cover combined with the stimulation of the theme parks. Travelling with strollers, especially double ones, can be a pain (believe me we've done it more than once). If you only think you'll need a stroller for your time at Disney World then Magic Strollers is the answer. You can rent single or double strollers at a better rate than Disney's rentals cost. You'll be getting a stroller that's much more comfortable and practical along with the ability to use it getting to and from your hotel room (some of the treks from the bus stop can be quite long). The best bit? As a Disney Featured Stroller Provider they're able to deliver your rental to bell services at your hotel so it's waiting for you on arrival.