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Walt Disney World Dining Review - Yak & Yeti Lunch

Animal Kingdom tends to close earlier than the other parks, which means scheduling a dinner here is a little tricky (unless you want a really early one that is). We often opt for a lunch and our restaurant of choice is Yak & Yeti in Asia. From Disney's website...

"Discover exciting pan-Asian cuisine at this quaint village home that’s been turned into a restaurant. At the base of Expedition Everest, decorated with the souvenirs collected by the proprietor and his family on their travels through Southeast Asia, Yak & Yeti Restaurant serves favorite dishes from regions across Asia."

This restaurant isn't owned by Disney, so they don't accept Tables in Wonderland but they do accept the Disney Dining Plan and offer a discount for Annual Passholders.

20140123 wdw 0490

The restaurant's entrance is tucked in around the corner from the Flights of Wonder theatre with stroller parking off to the left in a little alcove.

20140123 wdw 0494

The waiting area is quite small but LJ kept himself occupied trying to press a penny. This was an interesting reservation. The maximum number of people allowed at a table when I made the bookings were 6, we had seven since infants have to be included in the total guest count. I ended up making two reservations, one for four people and the other for three people. When we checked in we asked for tables close by and they ended up managing to put us all together at one large table.

20140123 wdw 0519

We were seated upstairs and I snapped this photo as we were leaving the restaurant. It shows some of the eclectic artifacts you'll find throughout the restaurant. I could spend ages in this restaurant looking at the restaurants but we had a little person in need of a nap that meant we were in a bit of a rush to get out.

20140123 wdw 0508

Our little dining room was empty when we arrived, although there were only five other tables in here any way.

20140123 wdw 0504

The room had a lovely view of the park out the windows, which alse helped keep this little room nice and bright as opposed to some other internal dining areas.

20140123 wdw 0497

The menu here is the same for breakfast and lunch and has quite a lot of choices. I knew exactly what I wanted before we even arrived but everyone else had a tough time deciding!

20140123 wdw 0506

Drinks were up first! Here is Sam's Yak Attack, a combination of Mango and Wildberry Daiquiris. She loved this drink but it was rather sweet.

20140123 wdw 0507

My Mum opted for the single flavour Wildberry Tropical Daiquiri. The other flavours on offer included Strawberry, Pina Colada or Mango. According to Sam, who tasted this, the Yak Attack is better. I had a boring Diet Coke (no Zero here), Jim had a Safari Amber Ale and Dad and Josh Coronas. The men were happy with their beers.

20140123 wdw 0512

This was LJ's meal, the most expensive of the kid's meal he ate throughout the trip. I think it's pretty obvious to see why - it was huge! This is the vegetable lo mein with added chicken. The kid's meal also came with a kid's sundae, which in LJ's case was some sorbet (since it was dairy-free). I forgot to snap a pick of it but I did taste it and it was a nice, fresh way to finish the meal.

20140123 wdw 0513

The adults in the party shared some appetisers. The Dim Sum for two that my parents shared.

20140123 wdw 0514

And the Pork Egg Rolls the rest of us shared. With the size of the entrees here we certainly didn't need the appetisers but I really like the egg rolls!

20140123 wdw 0516

The most popular entree amongst the party was without a doubt the steak and tempura shrimp. Four of us ordered this one and I don't think any of us managed to finish it all. The steak isn't the best steak in the World but the variety makes up for that.

20140123 wdw 0517

This is Josh's Bourbon Chicken that he ordered in an effort to be different from the crowd. He enjoyed it, despite making sure he didn't ingest any of the vegetables in the garnish.

20140123 wdw 0518

My Mum didn't feel like any red meat, so she opted for the Malaysian Seafood Curry. She didn't get through much of the huge serving after having had her dumplings but she thought it was delicious. It was spicy without being too hot.

Number Crunching:

This meal set us back approximately $245 USD, including tax and alcoholic beverages (three beers and two cocktails). If you count LJ as a person, that comes out at $35 per person, which is a great price considering the amount of food we ate! Lunch and dinner here have the same menu, so lunch isn't a bad option if you're on the dining plan. The steak and shrimp is the best option for dining plan value as well.

Final Thoughts:

We really like Yak & Yeti at Animal Kingdom. Since the park often closes early we normally just stay through until we're finished for the day, so a lunch here presents a great opportunity to take a 'break' from the park. It's a fun restaurant to explore and a lot more of a relaxed experience than you'll have at Tusker House or the Rainforest Cafe (the other table-service options at Animal Kingdom). Since this isn't a Disney-operated restaurant, the menu (both food and beverage) provides some different options which is a nice change from the norm, I don't even think they have fries here!


Photography: Magical Mouse Holidays

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