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Walt Disney World Dining Review - 'Ohana Dinner

It's no secret that I have a huge soft spot for the Polynesian Resort and if I'm not staying there you can count on the fact that I'll be eating there! Since we were introducing the family to everything we love about Walt Disney World on this trip we couldn't look past Jim's favourite restaurant 'Ohana.

ohana 11

It didn't disappoint and LJ ate more food at this meal than he has ever eaten before in his entire life (he honestly ate more than me).

ohana 1

We had to catch the bus to the Polynesian since the monorail was down for maintenance. 'Ohana is very well known for running behind time so I was sure not to be late checking in. I sent the family to grab a spot in the waiting area and checked us in at 5:17pm for our 5:30pm reservation. We were seated by 5:35pm.

ohana 17

We were seated behind the kitchen on the lobby side of the restaurant. This area is new for us and it was quite nice to be a little removed from the fun and games in the main dining area. We also really enjoyed the view of the kitchen.

ohana 16 

Where all the 'Ohana magic happens according to Jim! He loves the all you can eat meat that's delivered from the fire to the table here.

ohana 2

Your meal at 'Ohana begins with yummy pineapple bread. This was too sweet for my Dad (although almost all the bread we ate in Walt Disney World was). I didn't snap a pic of it but the chef brought LJ some dairy-free bread which kept him very happy while we waited for the appetisers.

ohana 3

Along with the bread comes a salad with passionfruit dressing. It isn't a culinary masterpiece but it's a nice light option in comparison to the rest of the meal.

ohana 5

And then come the appetisers! Pork dumplings and honey-coriander chicken wings. Jim claims he hates coriander but happily eats these chicken wings, so the flavour is hardly overwhealming. I had asked for dumplings without sauce as per usual and our server informed me that they are all served with the sauce on the side now, great for minimising waste since we don't need two separate serves. 

ohana 4

Taking a break from the food for some pretty drinks. This is the Magical Star cocktail, which I believe is coconut rum, mango and passionfruit liquer and pineapple juice. By all reports it was very yummy!

ohana 6

My Mum opted for the Pineapple Caipirinha - Leblon Cachaca, Lime, Pineapple and Agave Nectar. As a non-drinker I have no idea what Leblon Cachaca is but my Mum described this drink as potent.

ohana 7

Then some more food comes out... Lo Mein noodles tossed in a teriyaki sauce and stir fried vegetables. This is my favourite part of the meal, I could happily just eat this and leave the meat for Jim.

ohana 8

If you have any room left the meat is the next thing to arrive - pork loin, sirloin steak and peel-n-eat shrimp. I avoid all things even remotely spicy, so the shrip is off limits to me. 

ohana 9

The meats are all you can eat, so if you want more of anything all you have to do is ask. They will normally continue to offer until everyone at the table is in a food coma, so you certainly won't be left wanting for food. And for those with eagle eyes, yes we cleared the appetiser tray.

ohana 12

This food monster ate most of it!

ohana 10

At this point Sam ordered a Lapu Lapu on my advice (the non-drinker was living vicariously). A mix of dark rum and tropical fruit juices, she preferred this to the Magical Star, the pineapple was a great touch.

ohana 13

We finished the meal with some bread and butter pudding with bananas and caramel sauce (well those few of us who had room for dessert ate it). 

ohana 15

And a serenade from the evening's entertainment. We weren't in the thick of the activity and singing but they didn't forget us and LJ was very happy about that fact.

Number Crunching:

Minus the alcohol my over indulgent family ordered, this meal came to approx. $243 USD including tax but not the tip. Since LJ is under three he got to eat off our plate, which really works in our favour at the all you can eat places like 'Ohana. We without a doubt got our money's worth here, we were all so very full. This meal is a great use of credits if you're on the dining plan too.

Final Thoughts:

As with any restaurant, you'll hear some people who aren't happy about their 'Ohana meal, we aren't one of those, never have been. We thoroughly enjoyed this meal both the repeat visitors and the newbies and our server this time around was probably the best of the past few visits. The food was always flowing and we were never without drinks. I think Josh's comment sums up a meal at 'Ohana... he suggested you "take two stomachs!" 


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