Hong Kong Disneyland Tomorrowland

Hong Kong Disneyland has seven themed lands, each offering high-quality rides, a chance to meet some of your favourite Disney friends and plenty of Disney magic. Some of the attractions are near identical to those in Disneyland Park in California, others provide a unique twist on some classics and favourites, and then there are the very special attractions unique to Hong Kong Disneyland that you will want to be sure not to miss.


Grizzly Gulch - The newest land in Hong Kong Disneyland, Grizzly Gulch is a runaway adventure full of Wild West fun! Its biggest attraction is the thrill ride Big Grizzly Gulch "Runaway Mine Cars", a high-speed, multidirectional roller coaster. It also features a water play area, a Wild West photo opportunity and a meet and greet with Friends of the Wild West.

Toy Story Land - Toy Story Land is the place to be for Toy Story fans of all ages. As you enter the land you shrink down to toy size so you can enjoy riding toys like Slinky Dog Spin, RC Racer and Toy Story Parachute Drop. Of course you also have the opportunity to meet some of your favourite toys like Woody and Jessie.

Fantasyland - The land where Disney stories come to life and meeting a princess is an everyday occurrence. Take flight with Dumbo the Flying Elephant, go for a spin in the Mad Hatter Tea Cups, relive the story of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, sail around the World on it's a small world and check out the world-class entertainment at Mickey's Philharmagic (3D film) and The Golden Mickey's stage show.

Tomorrowland - Leave the Earth behind and blast off into outer space when you enter Tomorrowland. Blast off at Space Mountain, save the universe in Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters, meet an alien at Stitch Encounter and pilot your own space craft or car at Orbitron and Autopia.

Adventureland - Discovery awaits in this land of adventure. Celebrate Simba's journey at Festival of the Lion King, brave mysterious jungles on the Jungle River Cruise, explore the home of a storybook hero on Tarzan's Island and cool off with the mischevious Liki Tikis.

Main Street USA - A turn-of-the-20th century American town filled with characters, shops, old-fashioned vehicles, a daily parade and nightly fireworks.


There are a variety of dining options in the park, where East meets West with menus that include both authentic Chinese dishes and American cuisine.

Royal Banquet Hall - a quick-service restaurant that serves international food including American grill, Japanese noodles, Chinese dim sum and specialty rice dishes.

Clopin's Festival of Foods - a quick-service restaurant that serves the Great Flavours of China, including noodle soup and wok-fried dishes.

Starliner Diner - a space-themed quick-service restaurant serving American-style fast food.

Comet Cafe - a quick-service restaurant where you cn enjoy the flavours of Hong Kong.

Tahitian Terrace - a quick-service restaurant serving South Asian specialties such as Halal, Indian vegetarian and other selected South Asian cuisine.

River View Cafe - a table-service restaurant overlooking the Rivers of Adventure with Portugese style chicken and other dishes inspired by regions of Southeast Asia and China.

Corner Cafe - a table-service restaurant where you can enjoy the taste of American Midwestern cooking.

Plaza Inn - a table-service restaurant that serves Cantonese-style dim sum, signature shrimp spring rolls, BBQ honey-glazed pork fillets and other delicious meals.

Market House Bakery - a quick-service restaurant with a European atmosphere.