Our Story

Magical Mouse Holidays TeamMagical Mouse Holidays is an Australian, online based, family-owned travel agency that specialises in planning Disney holidays.

Planning Disney trips is what we love to do but unfortunately we're currently scaling back our bookings due to restrictions on international agents booking directly with Disney in the USA. We are still booking cruises and 10-Day Disneyland tickets for new clients but beyond that we have been largely dealing with existing clients.

Magical Mouse Holidays was born out of our love for travelling to Disney destinations. We entered this business with no experience in travel - I have a Masters of Education (majoring in teacher librarianship) and Jim is the business brain of our team. How did we end up running a travel agency that specialises in Disney? Being a librarian, research is something I'm all too familiar with and when it came to planning our first Disney holiday I spent two years researching everything there was to know about Disneyland and Walt Disney World. As a Disney fan from a very young age, I was all set for the 'once in a lifetime trip' and was dragging Jim along for the ride. After returning home from an amazing three weeks in Disney Parks I quickly realised that one trip wasn't going to be enough to quench my Disney appetite, so I started planning for another trip. This time I was bringing my sister along for two weeks in Walt Disney World and so began the cycle of planning for the next Disney trip before the current one had even finished.

While sitting on the monorail on my fourth visit to Walt Disney World, Jim's business brain clicked into gear and he started brainstorming ways I could help other Aussies plan their trips rather than just planning trips for us all the time (I think he thought this would see him make less frequent trips to Disney - little did he know).

We toyed with the idea of just offering a planning service but knew from personal experience that finding a travel agent with extensive Disney destination knowledge and experience was difficult to find locally. So, we embarked on the journey of becoming licenced travel agents (in the times when licences were required) and after 12 months of planning, studying and wading through mountains of red tape we opened our website for business in mid 2012.

Since then we have visited most of the Disney destinations around the world (Shanghai remains the unconquered frontier), added two little Mousketeers to our family and helped an ever growing number of families with their Disney holidays. My sister, who came with me on my second Disney trip, has gotten married at Walt Disney World and started working for us as a travel consultant. Oh, and I've continued researching Disney destinations of course, so you don't have to!

At the moment we're doing our best to arm fellow Aussies with the information they need to best plan their trips, whilst patiently waiting for Disney to set themselves up to take bookings direct locally. When and if that happens, you can bet we'll be here ready and waiting to start taking bookings again.