Walt Disney World Dining Review - Cape May Cafe - Breakfast

Cape May Café is a table-service restaurant in Disney's Beach Club Resort. They host a very popular clambake buffet dinner in the evenings but in the am hours Goofy, Minnie and Donald host breakfast in their snazzy beach attire. We like to finish each of our trips with a character meal whenever possible Cape May Café was nice and close, so it was the obvious choice. We had a bad experience here a long time ago at dinner, so had some reservations, but in the end convenience with a 4 month old was the top priority and we decided to give it a second chance. We are not fine diners normally, so we think it's pretty hard to get breakfast wrong!

Checking InCheck in is at the podium outside the restaurant, to the left of the main entrance if you're coming in from the pool side of the resort. Our reservation was for 9am and we probably had the longest wait of any dining reservation here.

The pagers work throughout the gift shop and lobby, so we spent some time exploring the resort and checking out what was on offer until we were seated.

Theming and DécorCape May Café carries on the theming of the Beach Club Resort as a whole, which is supposed to be a New England-style beach house. Lots of white trim, pastel colours and beach umbrella carpet (ok so that last one probably isn't found in traditional New England beach houses).

The restaurant has two seating areas, the main dining room and then a smaller room to the right as you enter. We were seated in the main dining room and were very grateful to have been. I would probably request this specifically if we return here, as it was nice to be a part of the action and close to the buffet.

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May 2013 Walt Disney World Trip – Magic Kingdom One Last Time (for this trip any way)

At least once each trip we like to have an easy morning where we can sleep in and take our time getting to the parks. Since we added an extra Magic Kingdom day to the mix at the last minute, rope drop today wasn't a must do, so it became sleep in day (well as much as you can sleep in with a 4.5 month old). We spent the morning lounging round and packing before heading to Magic Kingdom after LJ's first nap of the day.

Main Street U.S.A. when we arrived

We arrived at the park and headed straight for the Little Mermaid FastPass machines. Since that was LJ's favourite attraction of the trip (or the one he responded to the most), we wanted to make sure he got to have another go on it.

With FastPasses in hand we headed for our most visited 'attraction' of the trip...you guessed it, the Baby Care Center to feed LJ so he was hopefully happy during our lunch reservation and then for Ariel.

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Walt Disney World Dining Review - 'Ohana - Dinner

'Ohana is a Polynesian themed restaurant in Disney's Polynesian Resort. The meals here are served family-style and are all you can eat! Dinner includes Hawaiian-flavoured specialties and breakfast is hosted by Lilo and Stitch. We love the character breakfast here, but this review is about dinner – Jim's favourite meal in all of Walt Disney World and a must-do on his list every visit (and it gets harder and harder to get reservations here).

'Ohana means family - if you haven't seen Lilo and Stitch you really should

Checking InChecking in here is always a little crazy, as there are often a large number of people hoping to secure a seat without a reservation (they aren't often very successful). When we arrived I hoped into a very long and very slow moving line and thankfully realised after 5 minutes that it was the 'walk-up' queue, those with reservations had a separate queue with only one other person in it – yay!

The Polynesian is our favourite resort (we're not afraid to show our love), so the second we received our pager we were off to check out the gift shops. Except, our pager went off after about 2 minutes of browsing (I ended up going back after the meal to do some more shopping). On occasions we've had a longer wait we might get a drink from the bar just outside the restaurant, but seating was extremely hard to come by on this visit.

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Walt Disney World Dining Review - Tony's Town Square Restaurant - Lunch

Tony's Town Square Restaurant is an Italian table-service restaurant on Magic Kingdom's Main Street, U.S.A. For Disney animation fans, it is of course the Italian restaurant where Lady and the Tramp shared a plate of spaghetti! Tony's gets mixed reviews but we had a great meal here and are planning on trying out dinner during our next visit.

Lady & the Tramp feature on the restaurant's menus

Checking InThe check in and waiting area for Tony's Town Square Restaurant is quite large and you can sit down to watch Lady & the Tramp while waiting for your table. We checked in and I started taking some photos but only managed a couple before our name was called.We didn't request any particular area of the restaurant to sit in, but if you wanted to sit at a window table or out on the patio in order to view the parade (if your reservation time allows this) then be sure to ask when you check in.

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May 2013 Walt Disney World Trip – Can't resist Magic Kingdom and a little more Epcot World Showcase (we're so close after all)

This day of our trip had originally been set aside for more time at Hollywood Studios, but with so little for LJ to do there we decided to head back to the Magic Kingdom and tackle some more attractions since we spent so much time on our first day exploring the new Fantasyland (and the Baby Care Center). We thankfully were running a little more on schedule this morning and I was able to catch the opening of the Magic Kingdom, singing the Good Morning song is really my favourite way to start a day!

Good Mornin', Good Mornin', it's great to stay up late. Good Mornin', Good Mornin' to you!

Our first task was to grab a FastPass for Space Mountain. I waited at the hub while Jim went to collect these (these FastPasses are now a thing of the past at Magic Kingdom, so no more need for running across the park all day) and I was amazed at the number of people who were taking photos of the castle and partners statue. I made a mental note to not come near the hub at that time of the day again – a pre-park breakfast reservation for photo taking in an empty park just became a lot more appealing!

Once Jim found us again in the swarm of people we hightailed it to the empty Frontierland for a spin on the wildest ride in the wilderness – Big Thunder Mountain!

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