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If you're looking for ways to save money at Walt Disney World, grocery delivery is a great option and Garden Grocer can't be beat. We use them each time we visit for personal travel and have found their service to be A+. It's hard to beat having your groceries waiting at bell services when you check in! Plus, if you place your order at least 15 days in advance you receive a discount off your total spend.
What types of things do we order? Bottled water, alcohol, baby supplies (nappies and wipes), snacks, fruit and basic breakfast foods are staples regardless of where we stay. If we have a villa with a kitchen we'll expand our beverage and breakfast options based on the fact we have a larger fridge.
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Accidents can and do happen when you least expect them to, so if you're planning on travelling outside of Australia travel insurance is a 'must purchase' item in our opinion. Cover-More is one of Australia's best travel companions because when things happen they'll keep you travelling (and we can speak from experience). Lots of people ask us if they will be ok relying on their free credit card cover. While we can't say for sure in your personal situation (you'll need to read the PDS of each policy to make a true comparison), we can say that we never have. We've always purchased our travel insurance with Cover-More! As they always say... "If you can afford to travel you can afford travel insurance" - don't be caught out, factor this into your budget.
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